Deep Cleansing Gel

Deep Cleansing Gel

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Size: 200ml

Appearance and Properties 

A cleanser with a difference. This transparent blue gel with a light citrus fragrance gently eliminates impurities,makeup and traces of pollution. The skin feels fresh and clean and oxygenated with a brighter complexion.This cleansing gel although ideal for young skin is gentle enough to use for those who prefer a gel to a milkcleanser and may have even more mature skin.

Key Ingredients 

Adjusted concentrations of the 3 ingredients creating the exclusive natural Algo3 Complex: ChondrusCrispus: The seaweed extract providing proven rapid hydration. It also increases the water concentration in theepidermis.
Gulf Stream Seawater: Pure and fresh with lots of natural vitamins and minerals to nourish andremineralise the skin.
Alaria Esculenta: Another seaweed extract with anti-oxidant properties to protectagainst free radicals.
Sea Salt: rich in vitamins and minerals from the sea.
Deep Cleansing Agent: eliminates impurities, traces of makeup and pollution. Respects the ecology of theskin.
Glycerin: humectant leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Apply a small amount of the Deep Cleansing Gel to a moist skin, massage gently, rinse with warm water andapply lotion. May also be used with a facial brush.