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Sensi Plus Gentle Cleansing Milk


Brand Algologie France


Size: 200ml

Skin type: For sensitive skin, non stimulating

Appearance and Properties

This light green cleanser is the number one beauty step for thoroughly clean skin as it dissolves traces of make-up, pollution and dirt. It is well tolerated by sensitive skins (used twice a day), and it respects the moisture balance, cleansing gently and perfectly.

The Caress Cleanser has been specially formulated taking into account the specific needs of sensitive skin. The Marine Algae provide a better alternative to all chemical, mechanical and thermal aggressions by protecting and desensitising the epidermis. Its action is strengthened by: Corn Oil, Camomile, Cornflower and Calendula extracts.

While respecting sensitive skins it gives them softness and freshness day after day.

Key Ingredients

Laminaria ochroleuca extract: see “Sensitive Skin Introduction” Adjusted concentrations of the 3 ingredients creating the exclusive natural Algo3 Complex: Chondrus Crispus: The seaweed extract providing proven rapid hydration. It also increases the water concentration in the epidermis.

Gulf Stream Seawater: Pure and fresh with lots of natural vitamins and minerals to nourish and remineralise the skin.

Alaria Esculenta: Another seaweed extract with anti-oxidant properties to protect against free radicals.

Sea Salt: natural vitamins and minerals from the sea.

Corn Oil: essential fatty acids of Corn Oil modified by a natural process. It reduces or suppresses reactions provoked

by the harsh element that irritate a sensitive skin and improves the cutaneous tolerance.

Sweet Almond Oil: natural oil with softening and nourishing properties.

Chamomile & Calendula Extract: It restores the balance of the sensitive epidermis, reduces redness, calms irritations and softens the skins.


Sensitive skin types. Apply gently and rinse gently but thoroughly. Use morning and last thing at night and follow with Soft Freshness Lotion.