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Purifying Night Fluid


Brand Algologie France


Size: 30ml

Skin type: Effective treatment for oily skin

Appearance and Properties

A light orange creamy gel with citrus essential oil fragrance. The ‘Purifying Night Fluid' is applied before bed when the immune system goes to sleep and the skin requires the most help to fight against the OILY SKIN AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. It is purifying and helps fight against hyper-seborrhea and the formation of pimples. It has been specifically formulated for problematic oily skin thus has the highest percentage of Algopure Complex for intensive treatment. The addition of Centella Asiatica makes this an excellent treatment for young and mature skins. Its formulation facilitates pH balance.

With the ‘Purifying Night Fluid' the skin recovers health and preserves the look of youthfulness.

Key Ingredients

The Algopure Complex: Developed by Algologie, this complex associates the powerful plant extracts of: Ivy, Watercress, Soapwort, Sage, Great Burdock and Lemon. Along with the marine algae Phyco LD (Laminaria), the Phycosaccharide (Zinc) and Vitamin B6, it regulates hyper-seborrhea, purifying the epidermis, stopping the proliferation of bacteria and the development of pimples and blackheads.

Centella Asiatica Extract: Incredible skin repair.


Apply every evening on the face, neck and decolté (and other problem areas) after the Foaming Gel Cleanser on a dried skin. Penetrate lightly with your fingertips.