Fruit Acid Cleansing Milk

Fruit Acid Cleansing Milk

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Size: 250ml

Skin type: Great for acne prone skin

Appearance and Properties

A white milk with slight fragrance. It has 2 actions; firstly, it is an outstanding and easy to use cleanser. Secondly, because of its fruit acid content it will loosen the dull, unattractive dead cells from the skin’s surface leading to a very healthy and younger looking skin.

-Very suitable for teenage skin. It helps to unblock pores, blackheads, etc, thereby reducing the problem of acne prone skin and congested skin. -For all skin types -Contains no soaps or oils which can clog pores

-Low irritation formula -Leaves skin instantly clean, clear and refreshed.

Key Ingredients

5 Fruit Acids in a 7% concentration: being Lactic, Glycolic, Citric, Malic & Tartaric

Allantoin: Soothing any irritated skin

Chamomile: Soothes and calms the skin


Massage gently into facial skin and neck for about 30 seconds, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Rinse well.


Do not apply close to the eyes. If this cleanser does get into eyes flush thoroughly with cool water. A slight tingling may be felt. This is natural. If redness or sensitivity is experienced discontinue use.