About us

Rosie at Beauty on Park is an expert Skin Therapist who brings a depth of 20 years knowledge to skin care and treatments. She has been working with Algologie and Fleur De Mer with fantastic results over the years with her clientele.

“I believe in the products! 

Algologie and Fleur De Mer not only show results time and time again, they also improve the health of your skin”

You will really enjoy this product range and your skin will thank you on a daily basis.

About Algologie


Captured by the most precise biotechnology, marine plants, seaweed and sea mist deliver all their potent action...

All year long, you'll be as beautiful and radiant as when you're at the seaside !

It is from this exquisite sea garden that we source Algologie's active ingredients to develop our potent cosmetic secret which continuously revitalises the skin.

About Fleur De Mer

FLEUR DE MER AUSTRALIA is a privately owned Australian company.

Its cosmeceutical products are formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results so as to satisfy the huge demand for non surgical skin care.

This highly active range includes safe product and treatment alternatives to expensive and painful injections and all formulated to provide very noticeable and fast skin improvements.