Anti-Pollution Gentle Peel

Anti-Pollution Gentle Peel

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Size: 50 ml

Skin type: Very gently exfoliates. All skin types.


An all-new pearly gel texture that turns into oil then milk with a soft delicate fragrance.

Because of its non-granular papaya content it exfoliates perfectly and with no aggression. Remarkable because exfoliating a sensitive skin is certainly a challenge.

Key Ingredients

Algo4 Complex: To protect, oxygenate, nourish and very gently stimulate.

Ascophillum Nodosum: A brown seaweed that protects the skin from the effects of pollution and strengthens the skins barrier by blocking pollutants.

Rhodosorus Marinus: This powerful soothing ingredient obtained with biotechnology significantly reduces skin sensitivity.

Sea Chamomile: Powerful protective and soothing properties. Rich in Selenium (anti-oxidant), Zinc (anti redness and irritation) and Calcium (skin soother).

Chamomile: Proven calming and soothing properties.

Calendula: Softens and soothes the skin.

Gulf Stream Sea Water: With 96 minerals and trace elements it re-mineralises and rebalances skin while treating it.

Papain: The enzyme from the Papaya fruit which gently eliminates unattractive dead skin cells, refines skin texture and stimulates cell renewal even on sensitive skin.

Vitamin E: Powerful anti-oxidant properties.


• Cleanse dry skin and then apply a thin layer all over face avoiding the eye area.

• Leave for 5 minutes and then massage gently with your fingertips until the product liquefies.

• Rinse with water watching the milky appearance.

• Gently dry and then tone.

• Apply once or twice a week depending upon skin type.

Our advice: Can be used more regularly on skin that is not seriously sensitive.