Grape Extacts Serum

Grape Extacts Serum

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Size: 25ml


A soft easily absorbed grape coloured gel with light and fresh fragrance. It is more highly concentrated with a more powerful anti-ageing action combined with more natural grape extracts antioxidants from the most effective and safe source... nature.


VINE LEAF EXTRACT: Combined with WINE EXTRACT itself, rich in flavonoids to help reverse and prevent skin damage due to free radicals.

GRAPESEED OIL: Rich in essential fatty acids enhancing the antioxidant effect.

SODIUM HYALURONATE: Powerful moisturising and hydrating.

ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8: Like with Botox facial muscles are relaxed leading to a
reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

MATRIXYL: 2 peptides for accelerating skin renewal and skin regeneration.
Internationally recognized.

RESVERATROL: The wonderful effects of red wine are considered to be due to this
unique antioxidant flavonoid found in grape skin and wine.

GREEN TEA & LOTUS: 2 Essential Oils providing a fresh fragrance with antioxidant properties.


• Apply to a perfectly clean face until fully absorbed morning and night.

• Follow with your Grape Extracts moisturizer and/or eye cream.