Grape Extracts Cleansing Milk

Grape Extracts Cleansing Milk

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Size: 150ml


A soft, gentle fragranced cleanser to remove make-up, oil and impurities. Thanks to its red grape components it provides antioxidants to destroy free radicals at the same time. Skin is left soft and clean, perfectly ready for the treatments to follow.


GRAPE SEED OIL: Rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic acid)and providing an
even greater antioxidant effect thanks to its high Vitamin E content.

WINE EXTRACT & VINE LEAF EXTRACT: Rich in flavonoids to protect from and
prevent free radical damage.

POWERFUL EMULSIFIER: To help cleanse away both water-soluble and oily

GREEN TEA & LOTUS ESSENTIAL OILS: Fresh fragrance with antioxidant properties.


• Massage in to a wet face first thing in the morning and last thing at night, followed
by serum and/or moisturizer.