Hydra Replenishing Serum

Hydra Replenishing Serum

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Size: 30ml

Skin type: Intensive hydration for dry skin

Appearance and Properties

Now at last dry dehydrated skin doesn’t have to wait even 1 day longer. This serum quenches even the driest skin INSTANTLY. It is far more concentrated than the 3 new Hydrating Moisturisers from Algologie therefore providing an intensive start to any hydration treatment.

This is a very exclusive award and we can all feel very proud to be able to use and recommend Moisturising Cooling Cream Gel, Moisturising Tender Cream, Moisturising Rich Cream and Intensive Moisturising Serum.

Key Ingredients

Salicornia Extract: See above award. A seaside plant which works by improving water diffusion in the epidermis by stimulating the synthesis of the cells irrigation channels.

Codium: Improves skins ability to maintain its moisture reserves.

Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera: Powerful in-depth, even moisturisng on all epidermal layers.

Algo3 Complex: Gulf Stream Seawater: (remineralises) Chondrus Crispu Seaweed (Hydrates skin) Alaria Esculenta: (protects from free radicals) No Parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PEG, silicone, phthalate.


Apply this Intense Moisturising Serum for instant action under one of the 3 new moisturizing creams every morning and night for ongoing hydration and protection. And as a weekly top-up the Moisturise Replenish Mask.