Resurfacing Night Balm

Resurfacing Night Balm

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Size: 50ml


Containing AHAs it gently removes unattractive dead skin cells and smooths noticeably. It boosts cell renewal for a resurfacing effect. Its powerful anti-wrinkle and firming action works through the night for glowing youthful skin in the morning.

Key Ingredients

Algo 4 Complex: Our patented world renowned combination of seaweed extracts to protect, oxygenate, nourish and stimulate our skin but now with extra seaweed actives following below:-

Alpine Sea Holly and Sea Fennel:
For even more hydration and to stimulate collagen and elastin.

Sea Lavender:
Helps to reduce signs of wrinkles both on the surface and in depth.

Alaria Esculenta & Condrus Crispus:
Correct loss of firmness.

Blue Micro-Algae:
Improves Radiance.

Glycolic (2.1%), Lactic (0.9%) and Salicylic (0.2%) Acids:
To replace unattractive dead skin cells with beautiful glowing younger cells.


Apply to perfectly cleansed and dried face, neck and decolletage in the evening before going to bed.