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Resurfacing Night Balm


Brand Algologie France


Size: 50ml

Appearance and Properties 

A beautifully soft white cream for a comfortable feel and instant effect on application. It successfully addresses all the various skin problems caused during the night that need a powerful night cream. It visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates dry skin while signs of fatigue are clearly replaced by a revitalised youthful look. Each morning your face appears smooth, rested and more radiant … not tired and lined.

SOME SKIN PROBLEMS WHICH DEVELOP AT NIGHT ENIVORNMENTAL DAMAGE: Pollution, smoke, the sun and a bad diet creates damaging free radicals which can increase substantially at night while the body is resting.

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS: Are highly disruptive to natural skin processes which then slow down essential skin repair and cellular regeneration. Distinct signs of aging are frequently noticed just after awakening ... BUT NOT WITH LIFT & LUMIERE FIRMING NIGHT CREAM …From Day 1 radiance begins to be restored.

Key Ingredients 

Euglena Gracilis: The microalgae which supply the energy necessary for cellular renewal as well as the proteins for firmness. Thermus Thermophylus : Protects skin from free radical damage which would otherwise create fine lines, lack of firmness and an aging appearance. Sodium Hyaluronate: This is Hyaluorinic Acid which provides more and more moisture to quench a dry skin and keep skin perpetually moist. Chondrus Crispus: The seaweed extract that restores radiance and smooth skin when you wake up. Gulf Stream Seawater: With heaps of natural minerals and vitamins to keep skin revitalised and youthful.