Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar Cleansing Water

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Size: 200ml

Skin type: For Face, Eyes and Lips.


A perfect and complete cleanse of all face and eye make-up. A colourless, non oily clear solution. It contains 1000s of micells which are tiny microscopic bubbles which surround and trap impurities when applied to the skin such as dirt, pollution, make-up etc.

These impurities are then absorbed by the micells and smoothed away with a cotton pad leaving skin beautifully and perfectly cleansed. No need to rinse as no trace is left on the skin. It's action is so gentle that it is even suitable for very sensitive skin. Also rubbing is not necessary.

As an extra bonus it contains 2 of the 4 ingredients from the renowned Algo4 Complex which mineralises the skin at the same time.

Key Ingredients

Algo4 Ingredients: Porphyridium for skin oxygenation, and Undaria with its stem cells to protect skin.

Crithmum Maritimum: For its antioxidant properties top protect against free radicals.

Decyl Glucoside: A mild cleansing surfactant to cleanse away all oily make-up as well as all water soluble impurties.

Polysorbate 20: Also a mild cleansing surfactant.

Gulf Stream Seawater, Chondrus Crispus and Alaria Esculent Sea Plant Extract: includes lots of natural vitamins and minerals to mineralise the skin.


• Soak a cotton pad or something similar and smooth over face, eyes, lips and neck morning and night.

• No need to rinse.